Planning of development options in regiopolises


"Regiopolises", such as the project region Rostock and its surrounding area, must offer attractive conditions for businesses and the quality of life that reach far into the surrounding countryside. Here, it is important to preserve near-natural landscapes and their functions. Since agricultural landscapes are characterised by a high proximity to nature, they provide strong ecosystem services which serve both the environment and society. A knowledge-based balance between ecologic and socio-economic interests is decisive for achieving sustainability in these regions.

Goals and approach

To strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders within regions, a Geo-Information System Expert Support System (GIS-ESS) is developed. With the help of model-based evaluation algorithms, the effects of various land use planning options on water and recycling management are simulated and assessed. As an evaluation standard, ecosystem services are identified, monetized and mapped in the project region supported by thedeveloped GIS-ESS.

Expected results and transfer

At the end of the project, the developed tools and concepts shall be applied in urban and regional planning and underlaid at sectoral level. Cooperation with other cities or urban-rural areas are planned to advance transferability.

Project Lead / Contact

Prof. Dr. Jens Tränckner
Universität Rostock
Professur für Wasserwirtschaft
Telephone: +49 381 498-3640

PROSPER-RO: Flooding of the “Schmarler Bach” (Schmarler Stream) © Dr. C. Wenske
PROSPER-RO: Flooding of the “Schmarler Bach” (Schmarler Stream) © Dr. C. Wenske

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Project Profile

Funding Measure:

Project Cluster:
Integrated Urban Development

Project Title:
PROSPER-RO – Prospective Synergistic Planning of Development Options in Rregiopolises using the Example of the City and Surrounding Area of Rostock

01.09.2018 – 31.08.2023

Project Number:

Funding Amount:
2.636.581 €

- biota – Institut für ökologische Forschung und Planung
- Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung
- BN Umwelt
- Hansestadt Rostock
- Landkreis Rostock – Umweltamt
- Warnow-Wasser- und Abwasserverband


June 2020