Optimization of Land Use along Water Bodies and on Agricultural Land in the Region of Dresden


It is important to reduce the growing economic and social disparity between rural and urban areas to support sustainable regional development and create equivalent living conditions. The Project OLGA will contribute to such interlinkages in the Dresden region for improved ecosystem functions, stronger regional economic cycles and creating mutual understanding among the population.

Goals and approach

The floodplains and rivers linking urban with rural areas form some of the most important natural connections between Dresden and the surrounding area. OLGA aims to improve this area’s ecological status and to create recycling and value chains. This will focus on wood cultivation for biomass energy production in connection with agricultural production, the re-gional sale of products as well as institutional anchoring. The public awareness of regional relationships is to be strengthened. Local government, university, civil society and companies will work together.

Expected results and transfer

OLGA will develop a transferable solution for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive, by taking regional economic relationships, economic interests of landowners, flood prevention and the acceptance of the local population equally into account.
The project results will promote the economic development of rural areas, long-term regional development goals as well as the social network in and around Dresden. The project results area also to be transferable to other regions.

Project Management / Contact

Rüdiger Kubsch
Landeshauptstadt Dresden
PF 120020
01001 Dresden
Telephone: +49 351 488 2224
Email: rkubsch@dresden.de

OLGA: The "Mortelbach" (Mortel Stream) is one of the investigation areas in the OLGA project © TU Dresden, IWD
OLGA: The "Mortelbach" (Mortel Stream) is one of the investigation areas in the OLGA project © TU Dresden, IWD

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Further Information

Project Profile
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Funding Measure:

Project Cluster:
Regional Products

Project Title:
OLGA – Optimisation of land use along water bodies and on agricultural land for the sustainable development of the  region dresden based on hydrological, forestry, environmental psychological and economic research and implementation

01.04.2020 – 31.03.2023

Project Number:

Funding Amount:
1.999.350 €

- Technische Universität Dresden
- Umweltzentrum Dresden e.V.
- Biomasse Schraden e.V.
- Förderverein Elbtaler e.V.
- Marktschwärmer Dresden
- Landwirtschaftsbetrieb Thomas Domin
- Landschaftspflege und Forstdienste Ringling

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June 2020